ROUTE-What Is It?

What is Route coverage and how does it work? 

Route package protection is a third party company that offers full coverage protection for all orders on our site.

Route coverage is automatically selected for all orders unless the customer unchecks this option in the cart BEFORE checkout. You cannot be refunded for this service after the order is placed  

IF THE CUSTOMER OPTS OUT OF ROUTE AND DOES NOT PURCHASE THIS PROTECTION OPTION, THE CUSTOMER WILL HAVE TO START THE CLAIM PROCESS DIRECTLY WITH USPS. The USPS claim process can take 30-60 business days. It could take up to 60 days for KKCSC to replace or refund your lost, stolen or damaged package if a claim is started with USPS.  

Route gives the customer piece of mind that their money spent on every order is protected! 

  • Route covers damaged items during transit. Customer must provide photos!This is important! Please make sure to photograph the damaged package! Your claim might not be covered if this step is not followed!
  • You can open a claim and start the replacement process on orders when lost in transit in as little as 7 business days! This means no scans on your moving package for 7 business days. This is when Route would consider your order lost. 
  • You are protected from delivery theft when an item is marked delivered and you do not receive the package. File a claim after 5 days of the package marked as delivered. This gives USPS a chance to get you the package if it is falsely marked “delivered”, or if the package was delivered to a neighbor by mistake!  

Customers are to file claims here:

You are welcome to file a claim at any time, but it may sit under review with the Route team until you hit your required time frame as listed above. 

Please note: when looking into opening your Route claim, BUSINESS DAYS do not include weekends or holidays. 

Please understand that Route is a Third Party Company and is NOT affiliated with KKC Supply Co, LLC.

Filed a claim with route?

Please email to let us know so we can be as much help as possible to resolve any issues that may arise.

How does Route settle claims? 

Route typically gives the customer the option for what they would prefer when settling a claim. They offer REPLACEMENT orders or a REFUND option. If the customer selects a REPLACEMENT for an order and items in that order are OUT OF STOCK on our website, Route will not be able to fulfill the replacement order. When items are not available to fulfil the request, Route will automatically REFUND the order. This then gives the customer the funds to place another order. 

If your order was placed with a sale or discount, please contact KKCSC directly at

Please understand that KKC Supply Co is unaware of any open claims or how claims are settled with Route, as this is an outside, third party company. 

If assistance is required, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact KKC Supply Co to inform us of the situation. Please email us at


Route protects the customers money and orders! Route allows a customer to file a claim and have a resolution in a timely manner.

Protect your order and your peace of mind! ❤️

Find Route Policies here:

Get Route Support here: