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UV1640-Neon Lightening Bolt 16oz UV DTF Wrap

UV1640-Neon Lightening Bolt 16oz UV DTF Wrap

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16oz UV DTF Tumbler Wrap 

These are waterproof and permanent!

Dimensions: 9.5Wx4.3H in (please make sure you are buying the correct size decal) 

1 wrap per order-you are only receiving one uv dtf print-no cups or accessories included 

Application Instructions:

1. Wipe down your cup with alcohol, make sure cup is free from oils and lint 

2. Peel the backing off slow and carefully 

3. Place wrap on cup ensuring the decal is straight and positioned correctly (once on the cup it cannot be taken off to reposition)!

4. Rub decal on the cup to ensure any bubbles are gone and it is fully adhered to the cup, do this with the transfer film still on!

5. Peel off transfer film slowly and carefully 

6. Admire how pretty it is 😍

Washing Instructions:

•DO NOT soak 

•DO NOT use abrasive sponge on decal 

•DO NOT place in dishwasher 

•NO NOT put in microwave 

If using epoxy over this decal, we advise to seal first to avoid fisheyes 

Not following these instructions could result is damage of wrap 

KKC Supply Co is NOT responsible for misuse or misplacement of wrap

Colors may vary due to lighting. I try my very best to capture the true colors.

There may be imperfections due to the manufacturing process 

This item is non-refundable. If there is a problem with your order, you must contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order. Please email us at


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